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Bad Cat Boats Custom Frames & Hitman Bait Cure

Photo Gallery

Hitman Egg Cure Hitman Egg Cure 194885306 Hitman Bait Cure Rocket Red 194885157 Rocket Red Hitman Bait Cure 184824412 138195257 194885305 138195258 Hitman Salmon Cure Rocket Red 184824414 allie 35lb King caught on Hitman cured eggs Humptulips River . 140502546 35lb king hen On Humptulips River Mackey's Hitman Bait Cure 140502547 28lb Coho Shawn Caught this bright 28lb coho buck on Hitman Bait Cure 140502548 Shawns King Hitman Egg Cure & the eggs he was using were cured in 1995 by his dad Bud Mackey ( originator of Mr Sure Cure) 140502749 Hitman Bait Cure Rocket Red 194885158 Hitman Bait Cure Rocket Red 184824413 194885004 194885005 194885302 194885303 194885304 194945708