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Bad Cat Boats Custom Frames & Hitman Bait Cure

Mackey's Hitman Salmon / Steelhead Egg Cure


Hitman egg cure has been perfected over many years by fisherman from the greater northwest and is now available for purchase. Shawn Mackey has spent his entire life testing and mastering the perfect eggs in order to increase his own catching rate. The unique blend of our cure recipe consist of irresistible and natural bite enhancers combined with the best color dye products available. This has proven to be a huge success all over the region. Although a newer cure to the public , this cure will fast become the most sought after bait cure available. The family has been in the bait curing industry for over 40 years. Many salmon and steelhead guides have now switched to our bait cure after experiencing its amazing catch rate compared to other cures and even their own recipes first hand. It has become extremely popular on the famous Cowlitz River with guides and fisherman of all kind. Extremely easy to use and more importantly you never have to freeze your eggs again. Once cured with Hitman , your eggs will last for many years stored in containers in your bait fridge ( we recommend mason jars for their protection from other fridge contents) . If you choose to store your cured roe in the freezer that is ok as well and wont harm them. We are so confident in our cure that we guarantee your 100% satisfaction. After curing your eggs they are soft and gummy yet tuff enough to withstand the river currents for many drifts. The skeins will stay intact allowing the presentation of your eggs to remain enticing and irresistible to the salmon or steelhead for longer periods of time. We all know how hard it is to get good eggs and normally we have to fish for our own in order to ensure the quality of your eggs not to mention how expensive bait is at the store. So with that said we want to make the most of our eggs. Hitman increases your catching rate and also your pocket book providing more fishing time per bait ball and that your eggs will never get moldy!!! Yes I said they will never get moldy!!! Simply follow our quick and easy directions and your eggs will remain just as fishable as the first season you cured them and catch just as many Salmon and Steelhead!

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